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Futures Trading Team

Our team is dedicated to HKEx futures and options products, risk management solutions and consulting service for ICBC Group and external clients (including Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas enterprise or individual customers).

Our products and services include:

1.Quotation and trade execution services for following production: stock options, Hang Seng Index Futures & Options , Mini-Hang Seng Index Futures & Options, H-shares Index Futures & Options, Mini H-shares Index Futures, USD/CNH Futures(HK), etc..

2.Timely tracking change information on futures, options and derivatives market.

Our core derivative product includes:

• Options on stocks:
Options on stocks are written on actively traded stocks which are listed on the SEHK. They are traded on the SEHK and settlement by SEHK Options Clearing House Limited. There are two types of options traded, call options and put options. We offer stock options of 80 stocks, including blue-chip shares.

• HSI options:
HSI options are standard European contracts on HKEx. They give the right but not the obligation to the options holder to buy/sell HSI at a fixed price (strike price) on a specified date (expiry date), and cash settlement of the price spread. Short-dated Options: Spot, next two calendar months & next three calendar quarter months. Long-dated Options: The next five months of June & December.

• HSI future:
It is an important indicator to reflect the trend of the Hang Seng Index. Term of date: Spot, next calendar month and next two calendar quarter months.