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Fixed Income

Our experienced team has both domestic and overseas experiences with an average of over 8 years in the industry. We cover institutional clients globally. These clients include sovereign [fund]s, banks, asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds, and private banks.

The marketing team distributes primary market bonds originated by our DCM Team to our client network and also executes trades in the secondary market. 

• Credit
Focus on distribution and transaction of credit bonds in multi-currencies, for examples:
 • Sovereign Bond Issuances:  successfully executed Sovereign Bond Issuances such as China Development Bank, China Export-Import Bank, etc. 
• Investment Grade Bond Issuances: for global issuers such as BP, China National Overseas Oil Cooperation, PetroChina Company Limited, etc.
• Subordinated Debt Issuances: ICBC (Asia) Limited
• High Yield Bond Issuances: Country Garden, etc.

• Offshore RMB credit
With an unique background of being a subsidiary of the largest PRC Bank, we provide coverage of international investors with a focus in the offshore RMB market as an increasing number of international investors are shifting their focus to RMB and an increasing number of international issuers are providing credits in the RMB market. For example: UniTrust Finance & Leasing Corporation, ICBC, Volkswagen, BP, CDB, etc.